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Home Peter Ross

Following a stint as chef and owner of a bustling downtown Bar & Grill, I joined Paul Biondi owner of the Solar Syndicate as a sales associate, purchasing the business from Paul in 1992.  I had the good fortune to be in on the ground floor as the fireplace business grew and evolved. Starting with the development of efficient  efficient wood burning stoves and fireplaces and growing into what today is a huge assortment of efficient gas and pellet burning appliances.

Along with hearth products we were dealers for several BBQ and speciality kitchen appliance lines.  We were also  diversified into other energy related products such as solar, wind energy and efficient water heating. My experience as a retailer has been invaluable in relating to my customers in my role as a Manufacturers Representative.

We got involved in wholesale marketing and distribution, by importing

Nexo fireplaces, a line of hand built outdoor fireplaces from Denmark.  Starting

from scratch, we were able to build that line from a complete unknown.

Developing a web site  and implementing a national marketing campaign and

shipping nation wide for a  national retail account.

My background is in graphic design and film production. Before starting  

Home &  Hearth, I worked in the film industry. I was fortunate to work

as an editor with Pixar on the animated films Toy Story and Bugs Life.  

I currently assist at Home & Hearth with graphic design  and database

management and have a start up business specializing in family history movies.

Ada Ross